Penny Press is an independent publisher based in Coventry, UK. We publish books and websites dealing with science and technology. Our science publications focus on using the history of the universe to introduce a wide range of science and so showing where we are within the universe and how we got here. We also explore what lessons we can draw from history to give us a clearer vision of the future.

In technology we specialise in books about developing apps for Android, specifically using B4A.

Contact Details

Penny Press
176 Greendale Road
United Kingdom
+44(0) 24 76 71 72 75

Resident Author

Wyken Seagrave (by Hanny Foxhall)

After gaining a degree in physics and mathematics at the University of Nottingham, Wyken spent several years in Cambridge studying the wide range of subjects required to write the history of the Universe. Since then he has been a teacher, university lecturer, IT consultant, science communicator and is now a professional author.


Philip Brown


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    • Hi Mehrdad,

      Sorry, no there is currently no discount on the eBook, but those who buy it are entitled to a 25% discount off the price of the paperback book, a saving of $12.24. You can download the instructions when you download your ebook.

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  3. Reside in U.S.(NC) – want to purchase hardcopy B4A book w/free ebook & updts, but not logged on to my dev pc currently – 2 questions: (1) Est del time to US (w/free shipping)? & (2) Can I delay download of ebook if I order now?

    Thanx, John R

    P.S. Love exploring universe & supporting Palestinians 🙂

  4. Creo, diseño y desarrollo pasatiempos y quisiera que ustedes publicaran mis pasatiempos

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