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  1. Great news. I can hardly wait. Any firm release date? Summer starts on June 20th or 21st here in the US so I guess it will be in 39 or 40 days huh? 🙂

    • Hi Dave,

      We’ve actually finished the text of the book covering version 4.3, but we decided to hang on because Erel is planning to bring out another version fairly soon.

      However, following requests from readers we’ve decided to issue the book now and then update it when the new version is available.

      We’ll prepare the book for publication this week and it should be available maybe next week.

      Best wishes, and thanks for your interest.

    • There will be a link from this page to the website where you can buy a copy of the ebook as soon as it is released.

  2. Will the Amazon version of the book also be updated? I see that an update was released 27 July 2015, but not sure if you would roll out your changes to Amazon.
    It is great that you update the book, but if I can only get an update through penny press, I would need to return my Amazon purchase and purchase through penny press instead.

    • Hi Gustav,

      Yes, the B4A Kindle book was updated on Amazon and should automatically roll out to those who have bought it.

  3. Have the B4A v5x changes been added to the paperback book being sold on Amazon or is the Amazon paperback still only covering B4A 4.x?


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    • Hi,

      We have already finished editing the book for version 5-5, and are in process of getting it ready for publication. It will be available in the next few days.

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    • Hello David,
      I think this is a fair request so I will add this to the list of tasks I need to do. I can’t promise when it will be done, however. Can you please verify that you are unable to buy the book via PayPal from the Penny Press on-line store?

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  9. hi, paypal is problem in Turkey too and there is no pdf option in amazon… please help me to buy this book 🙂 play store or credit card option without paypal is required…

    • Very sorry but we cannot help you with electronic payment since we can only accept direct payment via Paypal. If you want to transfer money electronically or by cash, please contact sales@pennypress.co.uk and we will send you our banking details. Please note if you pay by either of these methods you may be subject to charges from your bank or from the postal delivery insurance costs.

  10. I bought the Kindle version (July 2016 Revised for Version 6.00) but I have never received an update – I have the Automatic Updates switched on.

    • Sorry to hear you are not getting updates. There are 2 things you could try:
      1) Contact Amazon and complain.
      2) Download the MOBI file from our store. If you visit your account you should be able to locate the latest version of the file.
      Hope this helps.

  11. I’m trying to purchase an ePub version. But when finishing purchase I choose to pay with Credit Card. After providing Credit Card details an annoying PayPal page asks me to login. Why If I want to pay using credit card? I don’t trust PayPal payment system.

    How can I purchase the book without PayPal envolvement?


    • Hi Fernando,
      Sorry you are having problems. You can buy a Kindle version of the book from Amazon. You could transfer the payment from your bank account directly to our bank account by interbank transfer, but without a Paypal transaction ID you would not be able to download the free upgrades to the book.
      If you want to do this please write to us at sales@pennypress.co.uk and we will send you our bank details.

      • I don’t know which one is more complicated: To rely on Paypal or interbank transfer from Brazil to UK…

        One thing you didn’t answered is: Why PayPal comes in if I choose pay with CreditCard?

        • If you pay by credit card then somebody has to transfer the money. We use Paypal because that allows us to automate our free upgrade book offer.

  12. If I buy this Paperback with free eBook (PDF), is that included the lifetime free update for the eBook? Or is that only when you buy the eBook separately?

    Paperback B4A Book & free eBook for customers with EU VAT account
    UPC 9781512296259

    Kind regards,

    Rob de Graaf
    The Netherlands

  13. Hi Wykenseagrave,

    Super! I already ordered the Paperback and I also dowloaded the eBook.
    Super, all the tutorials where I can find code snippets.

    B4A is excellent for developing Android apps and your book is the holy bible for it.
    Thanks for your effort.

    • Hello Fatih,

      Are you offering to help translate it?
      Do you think there would be a large market for a Turkish translation?

  14. If I order the ebook do you get access to both PDF and ePub, please? The ePub is great for reading on the move and the PDF is much better when in front of a monitor.

  15. Dear Seller, I from Nigeria and I want to by this book using my Dollar Dom Account. Can you please advise me on how to pay in dollars?

    Thank you

        • Hi, Thanks for pointing this out (again!). The store is working but there were some wrong links on this page which have now been fixed. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

          • Ah, I managed to buy it at last! 🙂 Well, technically I had already bought it years ago, I just wanted an update. Btw the store still does not work in Firefox, showing only blank space in the WP container. I had to use Chrome.

  16. Great book, and very impressive how its kept up to date.

    Please can you include all menus / text entered when creating the first application, including suitable folder location and application names. Please do this before mentioning debugging, and include pictures of what we should see in the editor and windows designer. Its reassuring at this early stage to have lots of detail and know you are achieving the desired results after each small step.

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