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  1. Hi Phil,
    This is (Beja).
    Yesterday I bought a copy and will also buy a hardcopy from Amazon.
    This book should be named basic4android bible.
    Thanks for the great work that came just on time. I was especially surprised
    to see the book included B4A v.3.0 that was released only a few days ago.
    keep up the good work.

  2. I bought your book about 1 week ago. Although I’ve been programming since 1965, I’m new to programming for Android. So far I have yet to read the book from cover-to-cover but it has been invaluable to me as a reference. Thanks for writing it!

    • Non, désole mais nous n’avons pas des plans pour les traductions a ce moment. Nous pensons qu’il n’existe pas suffisamment d’exigence.

  3. Bought the book yesterday and have now scanned it. I think it is excellent in its coverage and its detail. I am a new user of Basic4Android and I will not now be able to think of developing an app without this book at my side.

    I very much appreciate the work that has gone into it,
    Best wishes, John M.

  4. I just received my copy of your book today. I have been programming in the BASIC language for over 30 years but just started Basic4Android. The software has proven to be easy for me to understand and with the book I have a great reference book. I am looking forward to producing some great projects. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  5. I purchased your book, which is very interesting. I got to the chapter of database and i downloaded from your site SQLexample. Unfortunately the example does not work, when I start the compilation i get this error : The value cannot be null. Parameter Name: input. Error File: edit.bal
    You can help me solve the problem ?. Thanks

    Francesco Palma

  6. Sir???
    There is a receipt for my purchase of the book in your store. Basic4android. I do not seem to be able to find the update portion for me to use. Please inform me of where I can receive it.

    • Hello Raymond,

      You purchased the book Basic4Android which unfortunately is not eligible for a free upgrade. We only upgrade copies of B4A. Sorry.

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  8. Many if not all of these projects do not work on modern android phones e.g. Samsung S10. I have bought the book but would expect that these projects should be updated to work on the more modern android versions.

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