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  2. salut
    Je ne comprends pas pourquoi lors de l’achat on oblige les gens à ouvrir un compte paypal contre leur volonté?
    Bien de choses à vous
    I do not understand why when buying it compel people to open PayPal against their will ?
    Good things to you

        • It turns out that the pages you see can vary by country and also can change if you have used Guest Checkout several times before. In addition the pages you see have changed since we wrote the original instructions so I have updated them. But I cannot guarantee you will see the same in every country and on every occasion. In case of difficulty you could try buying our products from Amazon.

          • Only problem with that is that the free updates don’t apply to the Amazon purchased books?
            A suggestion: Look at what O’reilly does and do a $5 updatable ebook purchase for printed book owners. (Although without solving the paypal payment problem with credit cards not sure how I can complete a transaction – maybe have an alternate payment processor?)

      • I checked out Amazon but there are TWO books with similar names:

        B4A: Ultra-fast Android App Development using BASIC Hardcover – December 1, 2015
        Hardcover: 620 pages
        Publisher: Penny Press Ltd (December 1, 2015)
        Language: English
        ISBN-10: 1871281326
        ISBN-13: 978-1871281323

        B4A: Rapid Android App Development using BASIC Paperback – July 27, 2015
        Paperback: 634 pages
        Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (July 27, 2015)
        Language: English
        ISBN-10: 1512296252
        ISBN-13: 978-1512296259

        Which one is the updated book for B4A v6.50? To add confusion I’m not sure if the dates/pages on amazon might be wrong, since the v6.50 B4A book is Jan2017, right?
        Not sure why the hardcover book has fewer pages yet a more recent published date? (unless the size is different)

        • The paperback book “B4A: Rapid Android App Development using BASIC” is always updated to include the latest version (despite the old date, which is when the book was first published not the latest edition date). It currently covers B4A v6.50.
          The hardback book is now out of date.

  3. I have been tinkering with B4J for a while and wonder if the B4A book would be suitable as a learning resource for B4J as, from what I can see by comparison, there are quite a few functional similarities between B4A and B4A.
    thanks in advance for any advice on this question.

    • Hi Shaun, Yes there are similarities and differences. Sorry but I don’t have enough knowledge of B4J to answer your question.

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