WS-400x400Wyken Seagrave is the resident author at Penny Press. He was born and still lives in Coventry. After gaining a degree in physics and mathematics at the University of Nottingham, he spent several years in Cambridge studying the wide range of subjects required to write the history of the Universe. Since then he has been a teacher, university lecturer, IT consultant, science communicator and is now a professional author.

He is President of Big History UK and Secretary of the United Nations Association Coventry Branch.

His Twitter address is @WykenSeagrave.


Wyken Seagrave — 10 Comments

  1. Hi, I bought B4Android. It is advertised as being “easy”. I have programmed successfully using Visual Basic, but I find the documentation on B4A to be a bit skeletonized, so I am looking for a book or other resource to help learn B4A. Is there a TOC you can share? Can you provide some examples that show how you write? Given my lack of success with B4A, I am a little worried that one must be a professional programmer to understand it.

  2. Hi Mr. Seagrave,

    Why does the hardback edition of your B4A book have a different title than the paperback and eBook editions? Is the content different?

    • Hi Greg,

      Good question! No, the content is the same. We were planning to change the title of the paperback, but never did. It’s a matter of ISBN and distribution. Sorry for any confusion.

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  4. Hello,
    I have bought the eBook B4a Rapid 6.0… and with this a problem.
    I will make bootmarks, notes and text highlights, how in other ebook.
    But in my exemplar I can do not.
    Can you send me a better download without this defect


    Helmut Pruchnik

    • We sent you an email on 21 December with two samples asking you if they solve your problem.
      Please let us know the answer.

    • The PDF books that Penny Press creates comply with the PDF/A standard.
      By default, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC opens a PDF/A standard document as read-only.
      When you open the file, Reader shows a message just below the menu:
      “This file claims compliance with the PDF/A standard and has been opened read-only to prevent modification.”

      If you wish to use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to add sticky notes and make other changes, you need to follow this procedure:

      Click the “Enable Editing” button
      You will see the message:
      “Editing a PDF will cause the PDF to no longer comply with the PDF/A. Are you sure you wish to continue?”
      Click OK.
      You can then edit and save the file.

  5. Hi Wyken,
    I bought your B4A paperback book last week, I’ve been using VB6 off and on for years. but I’m getting
    extremely frustrated even with the simplest things with B4A.
    I’ve tried to locate your resources at http://bit.1y/1ljLiwC but the link fails.(I’ve tried every combination of i,1 and I)

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